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Our Work & Service Partners

JOSÉ is choosing our partners very carefully, only those who have a real passion, professionalism, and a real need to create innovative, unique designs.

We are working hard for creating a full service for each customer who finds our services useful, we will help and consult each customer with the highest passion.

DAVANI is an Italian minimalist luxury company, which is specialized in creating furniture and decoration by the block, all made of stone and marble, with a wide collection of more than 200 marble and stone breathtaking colours, the company's cladding and flooring service, and high-luxury furniture can design and supply small to big-scale projects. 
And in a special project, we can handle the whole project!


Brummel is an Italian high luxury company, which creates and designs high luxury furniture, lights, chandeliers, and basically, everything the customer needs for interior and exterior designs. The company is capable to handle big-scale projects, with the highest class.

Senyuan, of of the most luxurious Chinese furniture manufacturers. The company is a luxury customized furniture designer, which works with the top hotel companies in the world, Mariot, Ritz- Carlton, Four-Seasons, and more. 
The company is specialize in very big hospitality projects.

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