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What are the 4 best strategies for interior design marketing?

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Marketing interior design and architectural design are similar in how we build a communication (more details about it in the previous post), marketing, and branding plan.

Like luxury marketing, it is all about the DESIRE we turn on in our potential customer or target audience's mind. Here I'll describe some essential strategies you need to consider for your brand awareness, engagement, lead generation, and fame.

1. Find your niche & determine your customer. 🎯

Precisely like in marketing any other kind of brand or business, defining your target audience and potential customer can significantly help you. When you portray your customer, creating an avatar, you can talk in the correct language your customer wants to hear. A luxury customer talks and behaves differently than a premium or middle-section customer; you must be honest and decide what NICHE you want to take and execute.

2. Invest in your social media! 📱

If you're not on social media, you don't exist.

Having varieties of social media platforms is SUPER essential for interior design marketing. Linked-In, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Houzz are the best tools, there are many more, but those are the most crucial.

It is essential to say that every platform requires a different strategy and budget, but the more you perform, the bigger the awareness you'll get!

3. Content Content Content! 📖

Content is one of the best ways to get awareness and fame, and many business owners have no time to create this critical value, the customer that doesn't know you can admire how you think and appreciate your content. This step can make your audience feel like they know you and make it easier for you to get a potential lead.

4. Showcase your designs- Attract more audience 🏬

Posting your designs thru social media will reveal your way of thinking and start collecting fans from all over. The HUGE power of social media that we got today is the possibilities we got to thank that tools that allow us to spread the whisper of our talent REALLY fast!

And the best part is that all those who follow or connect with you usually like your work and designs, so why not?!

5. (BONUS) You MUST have Google business! ❗

Google is the most extensive database in the world. Not having a google business profile can affect your lead generation, awareness, and publication. Google My Business is a valuable tool for business owners, as it increases visibility in local search results and enhances customer engagement. By showcasing crucial information such as location, contact details, and operating hours, businesses can easily attract potential customers. Additionally, customer reviews and ratings on Google My Business provide social proof and credibility, helping companies to establish trust and grow their online reputation.

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