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The Best 5 Platforms For Interior Designer Marketing

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

So..What are the best platforms for interior designer marketing?

When my architects and interior designers customers are wondering about the best platform to publish their designs for both awareness and leads, here are some of my best tips for marketing interior design and architecture studios.

1. Social Media Platforms-

Instagram and Pinterest is the right decision to start with. They're both visual-based content and can be a great way to market and showcase your brand, designs, and projects. The benefit is that the people that follow you are your accurate potential clients. You can read more here.

2. Professional LinkedIn Profile-

LinkedIn is an excellent platform for connecting with other professionals in the design industry and finding new clients, getting worldwide projects, and meeting and learning the last designs and brands.

3. Online Marketplaces-

Houzz and HomeAdvisor are great examples of platforms that can be used to showcase your design services and reach more potential clients. It also can help you gain more international customers, which makes it even better.

4. Your Personal Website-

Having a personal and professional website is essential for showcasing your designs and sharing information about your services. It can be the place for communicating with your potential clients more personally.

4.1- (Bonus) Adding your brand to Google Business, connecting it to your website, and advertising on Google ADS.

5. PR and "Old Fashion" Marketing Channels-

Being "Old Fashion" is not necessarily bad for business. It is the place that your competitors usually forget. Showcasing your designs in design magazines and newspapers can boost marketing and publishing your brand. Interviewing for TV shows, and adding a content article that provides value, can also be an excellent move for awareness and reputation because the potential customer feels more confident about your professionality.

I hope that my tips helped you and that you learned something new ;)

For any further questions or consultations, I am here to assist you in marketing your design and architecture studios! Want to learn more? Follow us on LinkedIn- Click here.

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