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5 Tips to design perfectly your next spa

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

The colours and materials are super important if we are understanding the psychological need of the customer.

How to design perfectly your next spa design?

We'll explain here, what we think is the most important we see in spa designing, from different angles, from the marketing eyes, designer eyes, and psychology eyes.

#1 - Colour Tones

First, The colours and materials are super important if we are understanding the psychological need of the customer. The customer that came all the way to the spa, desires to have the most relaxation and calming experience, how can we assist that need? We need to know what tones we are choosing, with colours that will keep the customer's eye relaxed. For example not using a red picture in a white room, why? because we don't want the customer to be alert, we want the customer to feel what we want him to feel, being relaxed, the red colour can interact with the customer, if we want to provide the best relaxation experience, using the right design elements, like light colour tones, not particularly white, but light, like white marble or stone, is necessary.

#2 -Materials

Using light colour elements and natural materials and plants can be much useful for the relaxation effect that we want to maximize and achieve, our body can feel a place that has clean energies, by the colour and materials, and I'll prove that. Let me ask you a question, that you'll answer to yourself like I am standing in front of you. Do you prefer to choose your spa to be in a natural environment, or in an industrial area? The answer is pretty obvious.

"Nature always wears the colors of the spirit." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

#3 - Choosing the right design

Today, with the design modernization, we are facing a new field of design called, Biophilic Design, which is a combination between mostly minimalism and natural colours and materials, plants, and trees, that provides a true feeling of being in nature.

#4 - Design it especially for looking good on social platforms

As marketers, we need to realize the need of the customer, when we design a project, and this marketing section is super important. There is a new need today, people love to share good experiences, but it must look good, even if the price is not that high, the surrounding must look good in pictures, building special spots for making a unique social post, that can symbolize your spa or project. In addition, choosing the light for that mission is crucial, the lights need to give the maximum results for the pictures our customers would take.

#5 - Selecting the right supplier

One of the companies our office represents is DAVANI, an Italian luxury brand, that is offering a variety of different collections that can design the perfect spa, anywhere, thanks to the natural materials, infinite marble, and stone colour tones, and modern biophilic design options, that make you feel that you are surrounded by nature.

With a wide collection of stone, marble, and wood products and furniture, the company is able to stand with the highest standards, quality, and uniqueness, and design or provide a supply for designing the perfect spa, the company offers everything for that project and others, starts with cladding and flooring, to the complete design, that can fully customizable by the customer, or designer.

The huge advantages of working with us are our company is who designs the product, and also the manufacturer. if you are a designer, architect, or constructor, you can understand the benefit of getting the products directly from the manufacturer, an Italian manufacturer, that is offering all the products, supplies, and decorations for a whole project, at a medium scale to a big scale.

DAVANI stone and marble PARALLEL full collections. bespoke furnishing company which create flawless designs.
DAVANI Parallel Spa Collection

The Variety of nature

The stone collection the company DAVANI is offering is very wide, with more than 200 different stone and marble colours that will allow the company to offer wide services, from cladding, and flooring, and creating stone and marble products.

For more information, collaboration, or free consultation, contact us!

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