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Two main strategies you need to know for your BRAND, for both awareness and profit!

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Many of our customers ask us, what are the differences between marketing and communication goals? And what is a MARCOM plan?

First, brand and business goals can define by two different parameters, the two main goals when it comes to lunch an idea, business, or start-up. Together they build the MARCOM plan, the Marketing-Communications plan. Do our marketing and communications goals sound similar? Let me explain more.

💠 Communication Goals-

Refer to how we perceive in our customer's eyes, what our target audience thinks about our brand or product, and what is the common opinion about us.

All of that is the first step BEFORE the marketing stage; why? Because we want to have a strong base of awareness and perception before we spend the marketing budget. Those goals are measured by the attention we got for that campaign, how many views for our commercial, and what IMPACT we did, for example, a campaign against forgetting children in the car on hot days, before launching a device that is warring you. By doing that campaign, we raised the NEED and PAIN of the customer.

So, communication goals = *Awareness and Perception*📢

💠 Marketing Goals-

Refer to all processes that are toward SALES, which means an act that somehow will push a sale forward, and the ROI of the business measures it, how many leads I got, and how profitable it was financially, for example, a campaign with CTA ( call to action) that will navigate to purchase the product on the web, or any commercial that is representing a product and pushing for a sale.

Marketing goals = *MORE SALES* 💵

Separation of those two goals will provide your business with a clear and accurate strategy and help your brand or business have the proper awareness at the right time.

Thanks for reading; I hope you enjoyed it!

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