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Real-Estate Marketing

One of our services is real-estate marketing, due to our specialities we are able to take a project, build a plan and execute.
The steps we are going to execute are separated into 5 steps.

Stock Market

1. Market Research

By market research, we mean to define the market and create an avatar of the potential customer that is separated into primary customers and secondary customers. And demand research.

2. Defining a Strategy

This step is all about characterization and defining the right marketing strategies, depending on the location, customer behavior, and the research from the first step, and of course, the project's competitors. 

Chess Game
Architectural Plans

3. Project Properties

After collecting all the data we need with the tools we own, we are moving toward the architectural project design, properties, and specifications to match the plan perfectly for the project. Another part is connecting the project with our luxury suppliers and getting JOSE's benefits.

4. Branding & Marketing Plan

This step is right before execution, here we are going to build the branding and marketing plan together with the communication plan, specifying the budget we need, and creating a plan that will talk the language of our customers.
This step also includes public relations and connecting the project owner with our connections worldwide, especially with the European and Middle Eastern markets.

The New House

4. Sales Managment

We are concluding the insights and building the sales plan sales conspectus, sales team, and sales channels.
We are connecting the project with international offices and providing complete services for sales execution.


5. Ongoing Management & Control 

Ongoing management of the project, concluding new conclusions based on the performance and constantly monitoring the market conditions, advertising effectiveness, and ROI.

Analyzing Chart
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